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Grey patterned sweater Size XXL

Grey patterned sweater. V-neck. Long sleeves. Ribbed finishings.

This sweater has been carefully selected for its style and the quality of its material. Cleaned and maintained, it will easily find a place in your wardrobe. There's no better way to stand out from the crowd, let's face it we're all always happy to wear a piece that we won't necessarily see on someone else.

By choosing to buy this second hand sweater, not only are you enhancing your closet but you are also changing your way of consuming clothes towards an eco-responsible and ethical way. Not to mention the fact that you are giving a second life to this garment.

Technical sheet

Material: acrylic
Color: grey,blue and red
Length: 79 cm
Armpit width: 63 cm
Shoulder width: 48 cm
Width size: 46 cm
Brand: Roger Kent
Size: XXL